Gary Moore Caroline – Tips For Getting Over Stage Fright

As a professional actor on stage and in cinema Caroline Gary Moore assures young actors and actress breaking into the business that stage freight is normal and something that can be overcome through a bit of experience and confidence. Some of the tips she offers are as follows.

Have A Plan
When you have a plan you feel more confident and know what to expect. Make sure you take the time to create a plan before your performance and allow yourself to go over various scenarios of your performance in your mind.

Gary Moore Caroline - Tips For Getting Over Stage Fright

Stay Relaxed
It is important to stay relaxed while performing. If you get upset, you will become flustered and may lose focus. Find a way to keep yourself calm and relax your mind and body before and during your performance.

Avoid Caffeine
Caffeine can make anxiety worse and if you are already nervous about being in front of a crowd. Make sure you avoid any drinks that may contain caffeine before you go up on stage. You may want to avoid foods that may contain caffeine as well.

Gary Moore Caroline remembers what it was like to be a new actress and have people watching and judging your performance.